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  • Chemical Formula: C62H98N16O22
  • Molecular Mass: 1419.5
  • Synonyms: Body Protection Compound 15, Bepecin, L-Valine, glycyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-prolyl-L-prolyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-lysyl-L-prolyl-L-alanyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alanylglycyl-L-leucyl-
  • CAS Number: 137525-51-0
  • PubChem: 994195
  • Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 300 mg (60 capsules)
  • Shelf Life: 36 months


  • BPC-157 is a peptide chain derived from a naturally occurring protein in the human stomach. It is thought to thought to interact with growth factors and cytokines, which are important signaling molecules that regulate cell growth, differentiation, and inflammation.  It has been shown to stimulate the production of extracellular matrix proteins and promote the growth of new blood vessels, both essential in tissue repair and regeneration.

BPC-157 is currently being studied for its potential therapeutic effects on a variety of conditions, including gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal injuries, and other inflammatory conditions.

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All of our products are lab tested and the results are periodically published on the website.


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